Alumni Spotlight: Danielle (Rayman) Landholm

Graduation Year: 2004

Tell me about your recent promotion? What are your new responsibilities?

I have recently been promoted to Fire Captain with Omaha Fire Dept.  This is a supervisory position with the responsibility of personnel operations, safety, and performance.

What’s it like to be the first woman to serve in the position in 12 years?

If there is anything I can point out about the accomplishment is that it is possible to be a career woman, a mom, a wife, and find success in leadership positions.  It is important for our future generations and hopefully can empower women to pursue this career!  When young girls see a girl in this role, they think “I could do that, too!”

What led you to your career path?

My time with the Bennington Volunteer Department where I started as a fire cadet at 14 years old.  I had great support from the BHS administration that facilitated my participation in the program.

Favorite Memory during your time at Bennington Public Schools?

I had a great school experience.  In elementary school, I enjoyed library stories in the pit, playing outside at recess (even if it meant time out with Mrs. Frye for talking… which I still found a way to talk to her) I also remember when we got the new playground equipment!

In high school, I participated in multiple extra curriculars.  I loved band and pep band.

Are there any teachers in particular who made a great impact on your education?

Mr Dickson, you were my favorite teacher 

I pursued a career in Music Education after I attended Wayne State College and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education, K-12 Vocal/Instrumental Endorsement.

There were so many different teachers that influenced how I moved forward in my life.  There is something to be said about a teacher believing in you, supporting you, and helping you succeed!

Do you have any other family members who are Bennington Alumni?

Bob Rayman (’83) Denise (Kruse) Rayman (’84) Brett Rayman (’07)

Todd Kruse, Dana (Kruse) Schmidt, Bill, Jason (Amy), and Heather Japp

Tell us about your family now!

I married Sam Landholm from Lyons, Nebraska.  He and I attended Wayne State College.

Read more about her promotion to Fire Captain with the Omaha Fire Department here.

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