Ethan Heinemann '21

Ethan Heinemann, BHS grad from 2021, feels his coaches and teachers at BHS taught him the importance of hard work, doing things the right way and not cutting corners, which helps him succeed in life post graduation. Currently an Accounting major at UNL, he recently won a national competition!

Favorite teacher?
Mr.Klaus was definitely my favorite! He was always so kind and really cared about each student. I was in his wood shop classes and got to be a part of his last class as a senior where we got to finish a faculty members basement! He was also my 8th grade basketball coach! He taught me so much about hard work and making sure to do everything to the best of your abilities. Being in his class he always spoke about not doing anything half way because even the littlest flaw could affect the entire project. I think this can be taken to all aspects of life. 

Favorite Memory at BHS? 

My favorite memory would probably be being able to play football for Coach Lenhart and Bird in their first year here at Bennington. 



  • Currently attending University of Nebraska Lincoln studying Accounting
  • Will be attending Masters program in 2025 to obtain my Masters in Public Accounting and my CPA
  • Accounting Internship with Kiewit
  • Member of University of Nebraska–Lincoln Business Honors Academy

I just recently won the Deloitte National FanTAXtic Tax Competition. There were over 60 teams from over 50 universities across the nation. We placed first in regionals and then won the national competition in Fort Worth Texas. We were given a real world tax case and were tasked with finding the correct solution to limit the clients tax liability as well as show our calculations and present to Deloitte employees posing as the clients. In nationals they built on the case and asked us to advise them on how to expand their business and add another owner to the business with tax liabilities in mind and again present to Deloitte employees on our findings. Each teammate of our 5 person team won $2,000 and we won $10,000 for UNL for a total of $20,000! 


How did your education/experience at BHS prepare you for your life after graduation?

I think all of my coaches and teachers taught me the importance of hard work and doing things the right way and to not cut corners. They taught me the importance of respect and responsibility and now employers and professors see those attributes in me and it allows me to get the internships that I applied for. 

Advice for current students?

Work hard, do things the right way every time even if it’s the more difficult way and people will notice.

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