Ethan McCormick '21

Ethan’s experience at BPS spearheaded his career into journalism, owing his early success to Mrs. Bieber including a recent National Media Award.

Favorite teacher?
Mrs. Bieber was my favorite teacher because she helped my journalism career get going. When I felt like dropping the class, she reassured me it was going to pay off. A lot of what I do now is because of her belief in me and my skills.

Favorite Memory at BHS? 
Getting to take pictures at Pinnacle Bank Arena for a state basketball game!

Education/Work career: 
Sports Communications Major, Sports Management Minor – University of Nebraska Kearney 
Sports Play by Play, News Channel Nebraska 
Sales and Program Director, UNK Student Radio Station 91.1 KLPR
Photographer, UNK Newspaper

Professional Affiliations & Awards: 
2023 Best Sports Pre-Post Game Show National Media Award, Intercollegiate Broadcasting System  

  • Nominated for 2 additional awards in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System

Sportscaster Talent Agency of America (STAA) Broadcasting Calls
Broadcasting Head of Operations, Cornbelt Collegiate Baseball League

How did your education/experience at BHS prepare you for your life after graduation?
It helped prepare me for the grind. I feel like what I did at Bennington gave me a better understanding of what life is like at the bigger level. 

Advice for current students?
Stay your own path, stay true to who you are. Your story is the best story, go write a bestseller.

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