Robyn (Snyder) Romero ’03

After graduation, Robyn earned a degree in Education with a concentration in K-12 art. Now she’s teaching in her alma mater, bringing up the next generation of Badgers.

Year graduated: 2003, attended Bennington Elementary when it was K-12

Favorite teacher? 

My 5th grade teacher Mr. Nall was my favorite because he was not afraid to be silly and had high expectations. He would do this monkey impersonation that cracked every kid up! 

Favorite memory from being a student? 

Going to Winter Park for a choir competition.

Education/work career after BHS?

Education Degree with a Concentration in K-12 Art – University of Nebraska Omaha, 2009
After college, I started out as a long-term sub in Millard for a few years. Then I taught elementary art for 10 years in OPS. Now I work in Bennington as an art teacher for Anchor Pointe & Stratford elementary schools.

Professional affiliations or awards?
National Art Teachers Association, Nebraska Educator Association

How did your education/experience at BHS prepare you for your career?

My experience at Bennington showed me how important it is to build relationships with your students. I remember every single teacher I had and at least one amazing experience in their classroom.

Advice to current students?

Persevere, and do your best. That way you won’t look back and regret not trying harder.

What’s it like teaching for the school district you grew up in?

I love being able to teach in the district I came from. When they talk about Bennington being different from other districts, they are right –  high expectations and teachers genuinely care about all their students. Plus, I love seeing students doing great things out in the community!

My favorite thing about teaching art is being able to show all students, regardless of skill, that art can be fun and you can learn cool things. Art is everywhere, you just have to look.

All three of my own kids have attended Bennington schools and I am so proud of them and love seeing how much they learn and grow!

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