Tayler Wickham '11

Tayler’s experience at BPS developed her communication skills and spearheaded her passion to make an impact on the world around her. How is she carrying this out today?

Graduation year: 2011

Favorite teacher?
Mrs. Schumacher was a breath of fresh air in the chaos of jr. high/high school. Her genuine interest in our lives, kind demeanor, slight sarcastic humor and ability to connect made me feel like I belonged. Her classroom was a safe space; so welcoming and comfortable simply because of the person she is.

Favorite Memory at BHS? 

Cross country practices with friends

Education/Work career: 

Bachelor of Fine Arts & Masters of Applied Science – University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

4-H Extension Educator with University of Nebraska-Lincoln:
In this role I promote positive youth development and agriculture in Washington County by working with local stakeholders, community members, 4-H volunteers and youth. 

My work consists of providing support to classroom teachers that enrich their lesson plans to meet education standards, managing programs to educate youth about entrepreneurship, agriculture and STEM, and developing engagement opportunities that connect individuals with research-based content to inspire Nebaskans and their communities.

Professional Affiliations & Awards: 

National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (NAE4-HYDP)

Nebraska Cooperative Extension Association

Beyond Youth Leadership Award (2022, NAE4-HYDP)

Achievement in Service Award (2021, NAE4-HYDP)

Educational Piece Team Award (2020, NAE4-HYDP)

Citizenship in 4-H Youth Development Award (2018, NAE4-HYDP)

Denise Miller Innovator Award (2017, NAE4-HYDP)

What Bennington community groups are you involved in and why?

Bennington Daze Board & Bennington Alumni Committee

I joined the Bennington Daze Board in 2017 because I wanted to be more involved with our community. As a board member, I help coordinate the events that happen on Bennington Daze weekend. 

Being a BHS alum is a title I’m proud of. Joining the Bennington Alumni Committee will allow me to serve the Bennington community and school district in new ways.

How did your education/experience at BHS prepare you for your life after graduation?

The activities I engaged in during my time at BHS allowed me to develop my communication skills and recognize how my influence can impact the world around me.

Advice for current students?

Try your best to maintain relationships with your friends – transitioning to life outside of high school can be tough. Keeping contact with your friends “back home” can make it easier.

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